#PA13: Poor Man’s Candidate Brendan Boyle Contributes $100,000 to Campaign

Update 4:35:  Aren Platt, Daylin Leach’s campaign manager has stated the following:

Clearly a release from a campaign in a panic (and somehow missing that Arkoosh loaned herself $700k)

To loan the campaign $250k, Daylin took out a home equity loan on his house. Like most folks, has built up some equity in his home which he was able to use for his campaign.

Also, you’ll note that Arkoosh has loaned herself $700k, and Boyle has self-funded over $100k, so, on the spectrum in this race, we are on the lower end.

Earlier today, State Representative Brendan Boyle issued a press release attacking Daylin Leach for contributing $250,000 to his own campaign.  His press release states:

According to 48-hour finance reports filed by the campaign yesterday, Daylin Leach who claimed he is not a millionaire, lives only off his State Senate Salary and has no access to his wife’s fortune – did something no middle class family could ever do.  He loaned his campaign two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. 

When digging into State Rep Boyle’s own FEC papers, you’ll notice that Representative Boyle has given his campaign $60,340, which can be found in the first quarter April 15 filing, and another $40,000 in his 48 hour finance report, which was in his latest 48 hour filing.  Now Brendan Boyle may not be a millionaire, but how can someone championing to run as “the poor man’s candidate” afford to buck up $100,000 of his own money?  Sure, Daylin Leach may have given $250,000 of his own money, but “poor me” Brendan Boyle helped himself out with $100,000 of his own cash.





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2 Comments on #PA13: Poor Man’s Candidate Brendan Boyle Contributes $100,000 to Campaign

  1. Phil–I agree—you have it right—-Boyle is a right-wing tool and a liar……what a jerk he is—fool me once—shame on you—fool me twice—-shame on me………Boyle—the Republican puppet and Democratic foil……I won’t be fooled by this joker……

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