Will Bob Guzzardi Attract Enough Low-Information Voters in Republican Primary?

Probably not, but Bob Guzzardi, a rich, Main Line, member of the GOP donor class, is fashioning himself as a “Rush Limbaugh Republican.”  In other words, Guzzardi’s campaign strategy is to bank on low information voters who have allowed right wing radio hosts like Sean Hannity, Dom Giordano, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh take a massive, running, dam bursting, 30 year bowel movement inside the space that space between their earlobes.

WHYY reports:

“Suppose Rush Limbaugh comes in and says, ‘You know, there’s this guy in Pennsylvania that’s defeated the entire Republican leadership, including the incumbent governor,'” Guzzardi said. “Well, that’s all he has to say — I get the Republican Rush Limbaugh vote fired up. You know you never know what happens in November.”

In some parts of the United States or at the Bundy Ranch, Bob Guzzardi’s campaign strategy may actually work, but thankfully Pennsylvania is an urban/suburban dominated state with some semblance of progressive minded people.


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