#OneTermTom’s Shitty Job Creation Performance in One Chart

No one really saw this one coming did they?



Pew released a study examining job growth from April 2012 to April 2013, and Pennsylvania is, once again, in the basement when it comes to job creation.  The Commonwealth’s bedfellows at the bottom of list include: Alabama, Alaska, Illinois, Maine, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  With the exception of some states mentioned above, most of these states have been steeping in a Tea Party based world for the past four years, and Pew mentions that these job creation numbers come down to political ideology

States’ job-creation strategies largely reflected their political orientation: Republican-led states cut business taxes and red tape to give the private sector a boost, while Democratic-led states spent public money on roads, schools, hospitals and parks to create construction jobs.

So who better for this chart than Tom Corbett?

Well, Pew used Corbett’s political ideology as to why Pennsylvania and the other states suck when it comes to creating jobs.

“We, as governors, don’t create any private sector jobs,” Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, a Republican, said earlier this year.  “It’s the environment we create that can either help you make jobs or make it hard for you to make jobs.”

Corbett wants the General Assembly, which is still in session, to reduce Pennsylvania’s corporate income tax from 9.99 percent to 6.99 percent by 2025 and phase out the state’s capital stock and franchise tax.

States with democratic governors have used public funds to increase their state’s job outlook.  Maryland governor Martin O’Malley:

estimated that his $3.7 billion capital budget will “support and leverage nearly 43,000 jobs.” As part of the package, the state will invest $20 million a year to raise roughly $1 billion through the sale of bonds to build as many as 15 new public schools in Baltimore, where the governor was once mayor.

And Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear:

signed a package that authorizes $363.3 million in bonds for construction projects at six state universities.  In Minnesota, Gov. Mark Dayton’s “jobs proposal” would expand the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. Over the next two decades, the state will add $455 million to money from the clinic and local authorities to build a new “destination medical center.”  State funds will be used to demolish old buildings and construct new ones, as well as to build roads, parks and parking lots.

The article goes on to state that some republican governors have had success in creating jobs through tax cuts, but Tom Corbett hasn’t reaped that benefit.  Tom Corbett has also failed to reap the economic benefits from the Marcellus Shale development.  During the study, Pennsylvania only witnessed a 0.4% increase in jobs, or 21,800 jobs.  Another state experiencing fossil fuel expansion is North Dakota, and they have seized a 3.7% increase in jobs, which was 15,900 jobs.

When Governor Tom Corbett starts touting his job creation bullshit this campaign season, remember that his tax cuts haven’t worked out like other states may have, he dropped the ball on the development and protection of the Marcellus Shale and he continues to ignore investing in public goods like education or higher education.



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