#PA13: Margolies Continues “Holier Than Thou” Campaign; Set to Miss Another Debate

Surprise! Surprise!

Marjorie Margolies is continuing with her “holier than thou” campaign strategy by sucking up to the Democratic and wealthy donor classes and by missing more campaign events.  On Wednesday night, 5 of the 6 candidates running in the Republican and Democratic primaries have agreed to attend a forum hosted by Democratic Unplugged.   According to event organizer Robert Small, the Margolies campaigned received invitations for the forum some time ago, but to see if Margolies would attend the event, the campaign instructed organizers to contact the campaign after the March 11 petition deadline.  Hmmmm….where have we heard this excuse before?   Small stated that the organization reached out to the Margolies campaign on more than one occasion since the petition deadline, but “we have not received a further response, except for an invitation to enter a lottery to win a chance to meet with Bill Clinton.”

Yes Bill Clinton…

On top of not attending debates, forums or town halls, the other half of Margolies “holier than thou” campaign strategy is to suck up to the movers and shakers in the local business community.  Since the Pennsylvania 13th Congressional District is heavily gerrymandered to favor democrats,  big money, establishment liberals and the donor class needs someone to send to Washington.  So why not pick an old bat who has been out of politics for 20 years and has been caught using her non-profit charity to fill her coffers and renovate her multi-million dollar Fairmount Park Mansion.  Since announcing her candidacy, Margolies has hosted debates with neo-liberal Clintonista’s like Steny Hoyer, Madeleine Albright and the “explainer in chief” himself, which ran guess anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 a dish.

If Margolies isn’t the front-runner in Pennsylvania’s 13th democratic primary, she sure is the money candidate that business and democratic kingmakers would love to see in DC, because who else in this race would propose asking rich people to give their money back to the Social Security Insurance fund?



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1 Comment on #PA13: Margolies Continues “Holier Than Thou” Campaign; Set to Miss Another Debate

  1. Marjorie—how about making the rich pay their fair share INTO Social Security on their ENTIRE FICA income like the rest of society does. Let’s scrap the $117,000 “cap.” To advocate giving back your SS because you don’t need it is a classic divide and conquer strategy devised to undermine SS. If you are rich, like Marjorie is, simply contribute the same percentage into SS as people making $10,000, 50,000 or 100,000 have to do during their working lives. Then, Marjorie, when you retire, (which you should do immediately), give your SS checks to to your local school district or library–they can use it and find a way to accept it. Or, give it to charity or poor people you see on the streets. Surprise average people and fund your local food pantry. Lots of places to do good work.

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