The Bravo Group Wants You to Sign Petition That Will Hurt Public Higher Education in Pennsylvania

Stronger Public Pennsylvania Universities The Bravo Group wants you to sign a petition that will dismantle public higher education in Pennsylvania by allowing PASSHE “makers” to leave PASSHE “takers” behind.  The petition reads:

“As you’ve learned from this website, Senate Bill 1275 would allow eligible universities within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) to consider transferring out of the system to become state-related universities.

The effort already has support from Democrats and Republicans alike because of its clear benefits to students and educators.  But we still need your help.  By letting your legislator know that you support this bill, you will help make sure it becomes law as soon as possible  – so that students, schools and communities can start reaping the benefits.”

 So let’s sift through the bullshit that’s brought up in this legislation.
  1. The effort already has support from Democrats and Republicans” – This legislation does not have bipartisan support.  The bill has the support of Republican Senators like Tommy Tomlinson, Pat Vance and Lloyd Smucker, who were all present at the press conference.  Officially, the bill only has 2 co-sponsors, Andy Dinniman and Tommy Tomlinson.  Dinniman was a West Chester professor for 30 years and Tomlinson sits on the university’s Council of Trustees….the same Council of Trustees who hired the Bravo Group to design this exact type of public relations campaign
  2.   ” Its clear benefits to students and educators” – This is another lie.  Tomlinson and Dinniman claim that this bill protects the professors because it allows current union contracts to carry over.  Last year APSCUF – the union representing 6,000 PASSHE professors – came to terms with PASSHE for a contract.  This contract agreement came 18 months after the prior contract expired, and the life of the current contract expire in 2015.  APSCUF negotiations will be starting in the summer.  When pertaining to students, the Pottstown Mercury reports that the average base tuition at a PASSHE school is $6,622 a year and the base tuition at a state related school – which West Chester University wants to become – is over $12,000.

This petition is full of doublespeak and part of the Bravo Group’s playbook to get educators, students and citizens to sign on to the destruction of higher public education.

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4 Comments on The Bravo Group Wants You to Sign Petition That Will Hurt Public Higher Education in Pennsylvania

  1. This petition action to break up the state university system seems to me another example of divide and conquer by the 1% ruling class. Instead of public support for all of higher education, pit one part against the other by splitting it up. Like you said in your analysis, “takers” and “makers”, only the more successful higher tuition colleges and universities will succeed and survive.

  2. I think what truly bothers me is that everyone is discussing Faculty and Students but they are managing to leave out information regarding Staff.

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