#PAGov: Political Endorsements Don’t Mean Shit. Case and Point, Katie McGinty

Case and point, Katie McGinty’s endorsement from Al Gore.

In late Febuary, Al Gore endorsed Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial primary.  In the Politico, Al Gore was quoted saying:

“I strongly endorse Katie McGinty for governor,” Gore said in a statement released by McGinty’s campaign. “She shares my belief that we can build a better country and improve the lives of hard-working families. Katie has always viewed environmental challenges as economic opportunities. She knows how to create jobs — while protecting the environment. And she has the intellect, leadership skills, and optimistic, can-do attitude to build a better and more prosperous Pennsylvania.”

But Al Gore’s endorsement of Katie McGinty has little to do with McGinty’s environmental record.  It has everything to do with Katie McGinty being a part of the Clintonista faction of the Democratic establishment.  Earlier this week, I pointed out that McGinty is pretty much a hypocrite – or completely oblivious – when it comes to money influencing politics, especially when it’s money from the largest industry man has ever known.  NPR showed how McGinty went to bat for Ray Bologna Sr – a coal company owner – in 2005 and Bologna Sr – a Rendell and Corbett financier – gave McGinty $120,000.  McGinty worked for a public relations firm inside the Democratic Machine who had a pretty large client by the name of “Transcanada.  Not like they’re in the news?  Lastly, McGinty’s campaign manager – a fellow Clintonista – had a cozy job for whitewashing the natural gas industry.

McGinty’s environmental history is shitty at best, and it goes to show that endorsements aren’t given on merit or accomplishments.  Just who you know and what part of the machine you align yourself with.

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