Allyson Schwartz Defends Record on Protecting Social Security; Voting Records Suggest Differently

[H/T Jon Geeting, Keystone Politics]

On December 2, Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler from the Third Way penned an oped attacking two of the most popular things going for the Democratic Party; Elizabeth Warren and Social Security.  After this oped reached the progressive netroots, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee went after some of the co-chairs from the Third Way, and one of the targets was Democratic gubernatorial front runner Allyson Schwartz.  The PCCC went after Schwartz and demanded her to step down from this DC establishment think tank, but the representative felt like she did not need to step down as an honorary co-chair.  The progressive organization was able to get Allyson Schwartz to release a statement disavowing the oped, and Mark Bergman, Allyson Schwartz’s communications director wrote:

“Allyson thought Third Way’s Op/Ed on Social Security was outrageous and strongly disagrees with it.  In 2005, Allyson was an outspoken leader in fighting against President Bush’s attempt to privatize Social Security and last year, she fought against Paul Ryan’s attempt to end Medicare as we know it.”

As it turns out during the whole sequester debacle (which Schwartz voted for), Allyson Schwartz voted for a budget bill that was described as “significantly to the right of Simpson-Bowles.”  Jon Geeting from Keystone Politics did some amazing research and found that Allyson Schwartz was 1 of 22 Democrats who voted for the Cooper-LaTourette budget, which had the backing of Pete Peterson’s corporate front group Fix the Debt.  An AFL-CIO action alert described the bill as:

“deep cuts in Social Security benefits, cuts in Medicare benefits and Medicaid , more tax incentives for U.S. firms to export jobs overseas, taxation of working Americans’ health benefits and lower tax rates for rich people and Wall Street.”

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