MontCo Dems Support Clinton In-Law Who Wanted to Cut Social Security 20 Years Ago For PA 13th

Former 13th District Representative Marjorie Margolies has gained a couple of endorsements from Montgomery County establishment liberals.  PoliticsPA reports:

In the latest sign that suburban Democratic establishment is coalescing around her, Montgomery County Party Chairman Marcel Groen this week endorsed Marjorie Margolies for Congress in PA-13.

“I first met Marjorie twenty years ago when she was running for Congress. I saw in Marjorie then what I see today: a transformative leader who cares about giving a voice to those who have not traditionally had a seat at the table,” Groen said.

“Marjorie’s successful run for Congress was a watershed moment for the Democratic Party in Montgomery County jump starting our registration efforts, allowing us to win seats at the township level and, ultimately, bring Democratic leadership to the county,” Groen continued.

The Groen endorsement comes after Democratic Montgomery County Commissioner Leslie Richards supported Margolies last month.

“Marjorie Margolies has a proven track record and a vision for our future,” Richards said. “She is a leader who will fight to sustain our infrastructure and invest in underserved communities. She has the veteran experience to get things done.”

So why is the Clinton In-Law and mother of a Goldman Sachs Bankster unfit to run for her old house seat, 20 years later?  Well, for starters, Margolies has a bad history when it comes to protecting Social Security.  Down With Tyranny writes:

If you go to you come upon a Phildadelphia Inquirer story from June, 1994, “Social Security Curbs Proposed Marjorie Margolies-mezvinsky Is Touting Major Changes. Her GOP Foe, Jon Fox, Opposes The Plan.”

This is a candidate who is eager to cut Social Security and other benefits for working families. She sounds like a garden variety Republican, although the Republican that beat her in 1994 was more a defender of Social Security than she was– and the way she disappointed the Democratic base and kept voters away from the polls is why she was really defeated that year. Her proposal to cut back on Social Security for retired Americans was even too conservative for Bill Clinton, who pointedly told her that “we do not deal with a problem like the deficit by (creating) income stagnation among the elderly.”

Calling it the first fruit of last year’s conference on entitlement spending, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky announced legislation yesterday that would raise the retirement age for Social Security recipients and limit their cost-of-living adjustments. Margolies-Mezvinsky, who is seeking re-election, said the proposals would ensure Social Security’s solvency and keep her pledge to control the costs of politically sensitive entitlement programs. Social Security officials predicted in April that the trust fund would go broke in 35 years because of demographic shifts that would leave fewer workers supporting more retirees.

Sound familiar?  Sounds like we’re having the same fights with Clinton sympathizers 20 years later, and if progressives are going to have wins in 2014, progressives must completely sever the government hating Clintonistas from the Democratic Party.


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