The Daily Daryl: Metcalfe Wants “In God We Trust” On State-Owned Buildings

Author’s Note: Welcome to our inaugural “Daily Daryl” column where we follow Daryl Metcalfe’s social media expertise.  Representative Metcalfe is a crazed right-wing politician from Western Pennsylvania and wields a lot of power as the chair of the House State Government Committee.  Let the social media sleuthing being.


With political gridlock in Harrisburg killing medicaid expansion, transportation funding or regulations going that curbs the natural gas industry, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe has something better to do with his time.  The head of the House State Government Committee found time this Wednesday morning to speak at a press conference and support legislation that would put “In God We Trust” in all public buildings in the Commonwealth.

On Metcalfe’s Facebook page, the Representative wrote:

Post by PA State Representative Daryl Metcalfe.


And some of Metcalfe’s most ardent supporters replied:

“This is why I pay for private school…every morning my children recite the lords prayer..then the pledge of allegiance….”
“I would suggest you post “Allah Akbar” in all classrooms. “God is great.” Please do it!”
Then the facebook commenters brought out their intellectual prowess:
“What is the big deal with this? It is part of the national motto and should be in schools. No one is stating WHAT god, but rather some higher power. The government is prohibited from establishing a specific religion; not from acknowledging that religion exists. No where does it state in our laws that we are to be a nation of atheists. We cannot say you MUST be Christian or Muslim or Jewish or anything. So what is wrong with putting In God we Trust?”
As Pennsylvania falls like a lead weight in the jobs report, one of the state’s most powerful republicans has found time to fight for middle class families God in public buildings.
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