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One of our missions at Raging Chicken Press is to bring together a range of progressive voices and resources right on our site. While most of what we post comes from our committed group of writers, we also aggregate some content as a way of contributing to a progressive media infrastructure. For example, just a couple of weeks ago, Aaron DiDonato became a regular contributor to Raging Chicken Press. In addition to including articles from Aaron on our site, we now feature his Counterpoint PA – “the only grassroots progressive newscast exclusively about Pennsylvania politics” – as a regular series on our site.

Beginning today, Raging Chicken Press will also feature the Workers Independent News feed on our site. Here’s a sample from their daily news feed:



Here’s a little bit more about Workers Independent News:

WIN – The Nationwide Voice Of Working Families And Their Unions

Workers Independent News (WIN) is focused on the issues and concerns of working people. As a news service, WIN is devoted to bringing the voices of workers, their families, communities and organizations to the widest public possible, using all means of electronic media. WIN packages news for distribution to radio stations, Internet radio, websites, for podcast and print publication.

WIN’s mission is to bring balance to news coverage by providing news and features focusing on:

  • Organizing and bargaining for workplace democracy
  • Workplace issues: safety, privacy, discrimination
  • Coalition campaigns for a living wage and other goals
  • Unions in communities and the political arena
  • Workforce issues: immigrant and undocumented workers, contingent and part-time workers

Raging Chicken Press will run the WIN daily news feed in the right-hand column right under our Frack That series. Not only do we hope that you’ll love the WIN news feed as much as we do, but that listening to their short daily newscasts will encourage you to check out all their programming – including their People’s Mic and in-depth reports.

And if you really want to do us a favor, head over to the Workers Independent News Facebook page, “Like” it, and let them know your heard their newscast on Raging Chicken Press!


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