David Corn Dispels Obamacare Myths; Retweets ACA Success Stories

Mother Jones journalist David Corn is using Twitter for the good.  He’s broadcasting amazing stories of how Obamacare is a good thing for Americans.  Here’s a sampling of retweets from David Corn’s twitter page.




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2 Comments on David Corn Dispels Obamacare Myths; Retweets ACA Success Stories

  1. So now you like the ACA, Sean? But when I lead the effort in Pennsylvania to enact, I wasn’t a progressive? If you want people to take you seriously, you need to not let personal grudges or preferences for one candidate or another lead you to say different things at different times. Without that basic level of honesty, you are just a hack.

  2. At Covenant House, in Charleston WV, we’ve enrolled more than 130 people, without any problems, and we’re still going strong!
    We’re honored to be on the, side of humanity!

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