Government Hating Democrats like Joe Manchin Need to be Removed from the Party

In the name of “compromise,” Senator Joe Manchin went on Morning Joe and called for a “Simpson Bowles template” to fix the government shutdown / debt ceiling debacle.  In doing so, Manchin claimed that a “Simpson Bowles” esque plan of attacking entitlements – again – will “move the ball forward.”

Democrats and centrists who believe that a compromise like Simpson Bowles will move the ball forward are a cancer for the Democratic Party and the American Society.  The fact that Democrats are already capitulating to the Republicans by offering a 6-8 week debt ceiling crisis reprieve to negotiate a clean CR, which is essentially the Paul Ryan budget, shows how hostage taking by 40 people in the House of Representatives can move the goal posts to the right.  On top of that, people like Joe Manchin and other government hating, Blue Dog Democrats advocating for entitlement reforms on top of the Paul Ryan budget will move the goal posts, the national conversation, and the Democratic Party further and further to the right.  It’s time for activists in the Democratic Party to forcibly remove people like Joe Manchin from the party through the primary process.

Watch his conversation on Morning Joe below…


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