Fight for 15 Spreads to 35 Cities Across the Country: Tweets and Photos from the Events (so far)

Fast food workers in 35 cities around the country are set to go on strike again for $15.00 per hour wages.  The latest round of strikes now includes cities in the south and west coast.  Here are some photos and tweets from this morning’s actions on the east coast.














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  • John Doe

    Fast food workers demanding 15 dollars an hour? What a joke.

    Tell me, why should I have to pay taxes to support the welfare state? Why should I HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKES???

    If you cannot afford to have children, THEN DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!

    Sterilize all people on welfare. Problem solved immediately.

    • Sean Kitchen

      So John Doe is from Cambodia or Exon Mobil in Texas.