Philadelphia PD Shows Off Militarized Police Vehicles on Social Media.

So the Philly PD posted this today on their Facebook page

Who says gas mileage is everything? Check out Philadelphia SWAT’s new set of wheels, the Lenco BearCat Tactical rescue Vehicle – affectionately known as the BEAR. Sure, it might not have heated seats or as many cup holders as your favorite minivan, but it more than makes up for it with its versatility. As Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan says, “No matter how dire the threat, help is on the way!”



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3 Comments on Philadelphia PD Shows Off Militarized Police Vehicles on Social Media.

  1. Is the Philadelphia police department ready to use these on white students, raising hell over the astronomical cost of a post secondary education ?

  2. A picture IS worth a thousand words. Is there anyone who still doesn’t realize that more and more “police” departments are behaving just like military occupation forces, in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution? Welcome to The New America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporate America. And, they buy their attack dogs expensive toy trucks and weapons to play with, to keep them content.

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