Latest State Poll Reveals that Governor Corbett’s is still ‘Sinking Like a Stone in the Sea’

The latest state polls are out – this time from Republican polling firm Harper Polling – and (nesflash) Governor Corbett’s numbers are still sinking, like a stone in the sea.   When it comes to Governor Corbett’s reelection bid, 56 percent believe that someone else should get the job, while only 24% believe he deserves to keep his crap in the governor’s mansion.  The poll indicates that “somewhat conservative” voters believe that someone else should be elected by a 45 – 32 percent split.

What about the direction of Pennsylvania’s economy?  Well, the consensus shows that 43 percent of Republicans and Democrats thinks it’s getting worse.   However, Independent voters are slightly more optimistic about the direction of the economy.  Only 42 percent of independent voters think that it’s getting worse.

When it comes to expanding medicaid without using President Obama’s name:

In the Philadelphia/Southwest region, those who “strongly agree” with Medicaid expansion jumps by 10% (58%).  Young voters 18-to-35 years old are 17% more likely to “strongly agree” with expansion when it’s tied to the President.  President Obama’s name polarizes the opinion of Pennsylvania seniors.   It produces 9% more seniors who “strongly agree” (47%) and 10% more seniors who “strongly disagree” with Medicaid Expansion.

And lastly, when it comes to the education spending increases, 37 percent believe the increase in education spending is not enough, while 33 percent believe that it is enough.

So here’s a little song for our Governor…

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1 Comment on Latest State Poll Reveals that Governor Corbett’s is still ‘Sinking Like a Stone in the Sea’

  1. ANY incumbent that does NOT co-sponsor HB/SB76 and then spend at least a few minutes every day publicly declaring his or her support for eliminating the school property tax – bankruptcy threat with constituents, is aliening every one of us.
    How can the booze business be more important that keeping tens of thousands of Pennsylvania families in their homes?
    How can calling for higher license and registration fees; higher gasoline prices to pay for more road construction be more important than eliminating the threat your school board holds over your head?
    Your legislature and governor know full well that, no matter how long you live, no matter how much you pay, you will never actually own your property, you are just renting it from your school district.
    HB/SB76 – read all about it via the ptcc on face book and/or

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