Wall of Shame: Meet the Six Spineless PA Democratic Senators who don’t like Women’s Rights

Recently, the Pennsylvania Senate voted on HB 818, which had one purpose and one purpose only.  As the Logan Valley Blues described, HB 818 as “a bill whose only purpose is to be sure that if a woman buys health insurance through the health insurance marketplace, that insurance cannot cover abortion.” So who are these Senators?  Well, they’re all white and all men.

John P. Blake, Senate District 22
(717) 787-6481
James R. Brewster, Senate District 45
(717) 787-5580
Richard A Kasunic, Senate District 32
(717) 787-7175
Timothy J. Solobay, Senate District 46
(717) 787-1463
John N. Wozniak, Senate District 35
(717) 787-5400
John T. Yudichak, Senate District 14
(717) 787-7105


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