RCP Interview: Millersville Graduates Planning Actions around Gov. Corbett’s Commencement Address and More

Hello Raging Chicken Press readers and members, and welcome to our second podcast, interview thingy!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to pre-record an interview with Rizzo Mertz, one of Millersville University’s alumni members planning actions around Governor Corbett’s commencement speaker ship.  One of the main sticking points of this interview revolves around the fact that the administration is turning this controversy into a “free speech issue,” while administrators want to approve “free speech” actions that graduating students are planning.  Hmmmmm, looks like there is some hypocrisy here?

We also talked about the cronyism among the Millersville Board of Trustees and the fight back actions.  So sit back, grab a beverage and enjoy the 30 minute interview with Rizzo Mertz.

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Our coverage of this ongoing story can be found below:

Questions of Judgment, Governance, and Political Favors at Millersville University

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