Former Congressman Critz’s “Grassroots” Employer Caught Forging “Pro-Natural Gas” Signatures On Petitions


Yesterday, Keegan Gibson at Politics PA reported that former Pennsylvania Congressman Mark Critz received a new job working for  EIS Solutions – a “grassroots” organization (in their terms).  That very same “grassroots organization” that Mark Critz will be working for as a Senior VP in Johnstown, PA was just caught astroturfing and forging signatures in Colorado.

In an attempt to deceive the Fort Collins City Council, who was in the process of voting for a natural gas drilling ban, EIS Solutions – Mark Critz’s new “grassroots” employer – was caught forging petition signatures from local business owners.  The petition was an attempt to get city council members to believe that banning hydro-fracking within the town’s borders will be bad for business, and the lame forgery attempt by EIS  failed when the council voted in favor of the ban, a 5-2 decision.  According to Fort Collins Coloradoan reporter Bobby Magill, close to two-thirds of those on the petition denied signing the petition.  His story read:

Cali Rastrelli’s name is signed at the bottom of a petition submitted to the council. At the top, the petition says in bold letters, “Vote NO on the Fort Collins fracking ban.”

“Big Bill Pizza” is written in the blank where the signer could enter their business or organization.

“I haven’t signed any petition in the last month,” said Rastrelli, a Colorado State University student who lives in student housing. “I didn’t put my name on this. I’m not sure why somebody would have thought to sign my name.”

Big Bill Pizza, Rastrelli’s former employer, is in Centennial, and staff there were unaware of an effort to ban fracking in Fort Collins, said manager Leonna Gara.

Whoever signed Rastrelli’s name spelled it “Rasterelli.”

“I don’t know why I would have misspelled my own name,” she said

So once again Congressman Critz, we salute you for shilling with the natural gas industry.

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