CLEAN Carwash Campaign: Building Community Power Through Community Partnerships

The low-wage workers of the 19th century became the backbone of the powerful and dynamic labor movement of the 20th Century that brought the American middle-class into being. The eight-hour day, the weekend, sick days, a living wage…the list goes on and on. The low-wage workers of today – Walmart workers, service-sector workers, minimum wage workers of all stripes – may well be the backbone of a new, emergent middle-class of the 21st Century. The CLEAN Carwash Campaign is just one such example. Check it out:


Want to help be a “Message Mover” to help fight back against the negative images and stories about union and the labor movement that circulate in the mainstream media and political discourse? Here’s your chance. Help with the AFL-CIO campaign by sharing stories like this one. Here’s how:

TAKE ACTION: We’re fighting back against the negative stories the national news media is putting out about our movement by establishing a Message Movers team–folks who are willing to push back against biased stories about unions through social media and email.

Can you join in? You’re a powerful voice in making sure that the great work of the labor movement is being spread far and wide.

You don’t have to wait. Just go to the bottom of this page and use our sharing tools to share this story. It just takes a click.

Kevin Mahoney, Editor and Founder, Raging Chicken Press


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