Pat Toomey and Ed Rendell: Two Vultures Advocating for Austerity Reforms

“Birds of a feather, flock together”

Coming off of the horrid, self imposed “Fiscal Cliff Crisis,” Pat Toomey and Ed Rendell took to the air waves and began  to exploit the next made up crisis that could woefully affect the country’s working class, but the two are representing sides that want to take different paths to “entitlement reform,” or austerity.  On the right, we have Pat Toomey calling for his fellow nihilist colleagues to shut down the federal government over entitlement reforms, and on the ” other right,” we have Ed Rendell and other Democrats advocating for “entitlement reform” because we’re just going to have to compromise so we don’t ruin the president’s legacy.

The day after the “Fiscal Cliff” compromise was reached, Senator Toomey made his appearance on Morning Joe, and began pounding the drum for a government shutdown that would force Obama and the Democrats to “reform” entitlement programs – the very same programs that don’t contribute to the debt or deficit because they are covered by their own taxes.  Right after Toomey’s proposed his idea, which is now becoming part of the Republican dialogue, he was questioned on the idea of shutting down the government, and in a condescending manner, he acknowledged that a shutdown would hurt working people.  He claimed that some lawns in DC won’t get cut, some National Parks will be closed, maybe the mail won’t be delivered – all of which threatens money going into working people’s pockets.  The Senator was then questioned about a possible credit rating downgrade – which happened the last time the 112th “Do Nothing” Congress crossed this bridge.  In typical Republican fashion, Senator Toomey spun the question around,  and claimed that not reforming government programs that people have paid into their whole entire working adult life and don’t have any bearing on the national debt will put full faith and credit of the United States in the balance.

On the other side of the “right” political spectrum – or the mainstream Democratic argument – has Ed Rendell once again defending the fact that liberals, progressives, and the rest of the working poor will just have to deal with having their Social Security and Medicare cut.  The former governor and current lobbyist – who is representing the Plutocratic Class – is pushing for the president to roll back the New Deal.  On The Cycle, Steve Kornacki questioned Rendell’s position on cutting Medicare and Social Security and Kornacki got an arrogant response from the Greenhill and Co. lobbyist.  To defend his position on Medicare austerity, Rendell set up a straw-man argument by comparing the overall improvements of living standards since Medicare was initiated in 1965.  Kornacki defended his position by citing that the overall life standards for the working poor hasn’t budged over the past decade, while those making more money have seen their quality of living standards improve.

With the threats of government shutdown or the willingness to strengthen Obama’s legacy as the “Great Compromiser,” the only winners in this next “cliff” will be the Plutocratic Class or the Business Class.  Regarding which parties these politicians belong to or which paths they want to take to push austerity down the necks of the majority of Americans, birds of a feather flock together.

Here is Pat Toomey’s appearance on Morning Joe

Here is Ed Rendell’s appearance on The Cycle.

Sean Kitchen is an Assistant Editor and Social Media Organizer for Raging Chicken Press. He is student at Kutztown University

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