First Winner of Raging Chicken Press Subscriber Give-Away!

At the end of October, Raging Chicken Press announced that beginning with the November issue we would randomly select one subscriber to receive our “Must Read” book of the month. As an extra bonus we decided to choose two “Must Reads” of the month for the November issue: We Are Wisconsin – The Wisconsin uprising in the words of the activists, writers, and everyday Wisconsinites who made it happen, edited by Erica Sagrans and Learning from the Sixties: Memoir of an Organizer, by John Maher.

Well, we are happy to announce our first winner! Our first subscriber to win the Raging Chicken Press “Must Read” book(s) of the month is Wendy Strain from Corpus Christi, TX! Congratulations, Wendy!

Wendy is a relatively new subscriber who had this to say about why she subscribes to Raging Chicken Press she had this to say:

I am happy to be associated with your publication in any way. As to why I subscribed to Raging Chicken Press, I love your mission, I appreciate the articles, I support the movement and I agree wholeheartedly with your tagline. I discovered your publication through Reflections journal where I am an intern and subscribed after reading just a few articles.

Thanks, Wendy! And we hope to welcome you not only as a subscriber, but as a contributor in the near future. Keep us posted on what you think of the books!

We hope that our “Must Read” book give-away will be one more good reason to subscribe to Raging Chicken Press. Here’s how it works:

Each month we will randomly select one subscriber who will receive the Raging Chicken Press “Must Read of the Month.” What’s the catch? Well, you have to subscribe. That’s it. How much does it cost to subscribe? Nothing. Zero. Nada. That’s right, all you have to do is enter your email address in the subscription box on our website and click the “subscribe” button. As a subscriber, you will receive an email each time new content is posted to Raging Chicken Press. We won’t spam your inbox, we only want to expand our Raging Chicken Army.

About a week after the each month’s issue is posted, we will randomly select one subscriber to receive that month’s feature read. I will contact the subscriber personally and will then I will announce the winner. We hope this will be yet another good reason to subscribe to Raging Chicken Press.

That’s pretty much it. Thanks to Wendy and all our subscribers and readers.

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