No Need for Conspiracy Theories: The Inside Scoop on Why Cenk Uyger Left MSNBC

For those of you who have been plugged into the progressive netroots for any time at all have no doubt come across The Young Turks. The Young Turks is a progressive, internet-based progressive news and culture show hosted by Cenk Uyger and Ana Kasparian.  The show is the largest on-line news show in the world, averaging over 19 million viewers a month.

In October 2010, MSNBC announced that Cenk Uyger would become a regular commentator and substitute anchor for the network.  After being a regular in the six-o-clock spot for several months and topping Fox News in the ratings, Cenk left MSNBC in June of this year.  What happened at MSNBC was the subject of much rumor until Cenk decided to go public with the whole story on The Young Turks web site and a couple days later on Democracy Now.

Every progressive – nay, every American – should watch this video if for no other reason that it confirms what most Americans already know…that the corporate news is in the business of supporting the establishment.  I am an even bigger fan of Cenk Uyger now than I was in the past.  I will miss him on MSNBC, but it will only get me logging onto The Young Turks even more.  Check out Cenk’s story about leaving MSNBC right here:

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