About Sharayah Bower
Sharayah Bower is a recent graduate from Kutztown University's English Master's Program (located in South-Eastern, PA). She has focused closely on African American and Indigenous feminine texts and would like to pursue a PhD program where she can further her studying, knowledge, and awareness about these cultures and their contemporary issues (especially those dealing with gender and rape culture). In the near future, she intends to teach English and Composition by focusing closely on narrative writing as an attempt to more effectively educate others and counter rape culture. She also enjoys tutoring others with their writing because it has only helped to improve her own. She views writing as both fun and empowering, and you should too!

Adjusting to New Political Surroundings

March 22, 2017 0

Moving is an oddly cleansing experience. I donated many things I didn’t need to those that do. I left behind my ties to—and familiarities with—my hometown. And best of all, I made myself uncomfortable again. […]

A Birthday Well-Spent Protesting Trump

January 26, 2017 1

I woke up to my obnoxious—but necessary—alarm at 4:00 AM on January 21, 2017 with excitement as I shoved my significant other, Jaron, out of bed. It was my 27th birthday. We sleepily got ready, suiting […]