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Raging Chicken Radio Raging Chicken Press is a progressive, activist media site based out of Pennsylvania. We've rapidly established ourselves as the go to site for fight-back, citizen journalism in the state. This is our podcast.

  • Out d’Coup | Episode 11 | PA Right-Wing & PennLive go after teacher seniority; Katie McGinty makes some changes’; & Primary Day in Kentucky and Oregon! PLUS: EXPANDED PODCAST
    by Raging Chicken Press on May 17, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    A HUUUUUUGE day for Raging Chicken Radio. Today we officially roll out our expanded podcast! After our regular Out d'Coup podcast, keep on listening for our interview with Steve Horn, Research Fellow for DeSmogBlog and freelance journalist, about the ongoing probe into ExxonMobil's role in the climate denial industry. Check out Steve's article, "Exxon's Lawyer in Climate Science Probe Has History Helping Big Tobacco and NFL Defend Against Health Claims."  On today's podcast, Kevin Mahoney and Sean Kitchen get the rage on concerning pending legislation to strip seniority rights away from teachers with the deceptively named "Protecting Excellent Teachers Act." We look at this latest attack on teachers from PA Republicans walking lock in step with their Koch Brother masters. We also ask why the main paper in Harrisburg, the Patriot-News/PennLive is calling on Gov. Tom Wolf to sell out teachers and get behind the Republican bill. We also talk about some interesting adjustments to Democrat Katie McGinty's Senate campaign, signalling that the Democratic Party is all in to try to kick Republican Senator Pat Toomey to the curb as part of its effort to regain the Senate majority. We also talk about today's Democratic primaries in Kentucky and Oregon. Finally, Sean gives a bit of a preview into his project to expand Raging Chicken Radio into the world of craft beer! You've got to hear this one! NOTE: Sorry for the tinny audio on Kevin's side of the conversation. Had the wrong mic activated. Part of the bumps of getting the process down pat!

  • Raging Chicken Radio | Out d’Coup, Episode 10
    by Raging Chicken Press on May 10, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    On today's episode we do a little Election Reflection now that Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee for president...what are Trump's prospects in the General? Are the Democrats up to the task to defeat him? Meanwhile, the Democratic primary is still going strong. Today is Primary day in West Virginia and it looks like Bernie Sanders may take the contest for the second week in a row. Meanwhile, the Hillary Clinton campaign backs off their decision to focus solely on the general election and vows to begin running ads in the remaining primary states to secure the nomination. We also talk about the prospects for a progressive movement growing, Democrats toying with shooting themselves in the foot in this year's campaign, and an expansive FBI investigation into corruption with PA's legislature. All the gritty details expected to come out! Just a little show note, we let today's episode run a little long. Ok, a lot long. 52 minutes long. Frankly, we just had too much to say to contain in 30 minutes. So, enjoy!

  • Raging Chicken Radio | Out d’Coup, Episode 9
    by Raging Chicken Press on May 3, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    It's May 3, 2016. On today's episode of Out d'Coup podcast, we talk to Sean Kitchen about his upcoming article on Katie McGinty's ties to the natural gas industry as she prepares to take on Pat Toomey for a PA Senate seat this fall. We talk about the sway of money in politics and the need for the Democratic party and Big Green environmentalist organizations to make a hard commitment to save our planet. Also, as Democrats begin to pressure progressive activists to rally behind the Party's likely nominees and quit the critiques and protests, Kevin Mahoney and Sean Kitchen talk about the importance of NOT letting up the pressure and to continue to fight for progressive policies and directions for the Democratic party. Finally, we talk more about the future of the Out d'Coup podcast. What's that you say? Segments on craft beer? Public intellectuals? And more? Tune in to hear all the details.

  • Raging Chicken Radio | Out d’Coup, Episode 8.1
    by Raging Chicken Press on April 27, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    Yesterday was the Pennsylvania primary. Kevin Mahoney and Sean Kitchen are here with a special edition of Out d'Coup for a little #PAPrimary postmortem. Not only do we focus on Katie McGinty's surprising win in the Democratic Party primary for US Senate, we also dive into John Fetterman's strong showing taking about 20% of the vote. We talk about what Fetterman's campaign might hold for the future of the PA Democratic party. We also recap the Democratic and Republican presidential primary results, with a special focus on Trump winning every county in the state.

  • Raging Chicken Radio | Out d’Coup, Episode 8
    by Raging Chicken Press on April 26, 2016 at 6:20 am

    It's Primary Day in Pennsylvania! On today's episode, we talk about the latest in the presidential and state races, where the Bernie Sanders campaign activists go from here, and the need to build on the amazing organizing that has characterizes this presidential election season. We also talk about the importance of independent journalism in the wake of deep cuts in investigative reporting nationwide. Sean also accuses Kevin of "getting all NPR" on the podcast in his call to support Raging Chicken Press. In our last segment we dip into Harrisburg Beer Week and why Sean felt like a rock star at one brewery's limited edition bottle release this past weekend. All this and SO MUCH MORE! A couple of program notes...we pre-recorded today's episode on Monday, April 24 because both our schedules are FREAKING NUTS right now. We didn't want to miss a week, though. Kevin had a crazy media day making an early afternoon appearance on Nate B.'s West Coast "Stressing the Point" podcast and a return to the Rick Smith Show for RAGING MONDAY later that after noon. It was a Raging Chicken day from Philadelphia to Los Angeles!