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Out d’Coup | WTF Iowa Dems; NH Dem Debate; State of the Union; Mitt Romney; Gov. Wolf’s Budget; Trump Attacks Wolf; Astronaut Christine Koch Makes History; Space X Hiring; Free Will Releases

WTF Iowa Democratic Party. Really? After Iowa’s Democratic caucus meltdown on Monday, we finally got the kinda, sorta, final results. As of last night, with 100% reporting, Pete Buttigieg is .1% ahead of Bernie Sanders in the “State Delegate Equivalent” tally. However, Sanders won the most number of votes in the first round and in the second “realignment” vote. Elizabeth Warren finished a strong third while Uncle Joe came in fourth, raising questions about the viability of his campaign. DNC Chair Tom Perez says there needs to be a recount. 

Tonight is the New Hampshire Democratic debate, this time with only seven candidates making the cut: Sanders, Warren, Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Yang, and yes, Tom Steyer. 

On Tuesday, Trump gave a carnivalesque State of the Union address and Nancy Pelosi tore that shit up. Literally. As I wrote in the pages of Raging Chicken this week, Trump’s State of the Union address should put all Democrats on notice that he’s making a strong play for reelection. 

Senate Republicans voted to ignore the evidence and acquit Trump. Now he’s free to really set fire to the nation. 

Mitt Romney gives a pretty freaking great speech and becomes the only Senator in history to vote to convict a president of their own part on impeachment charges. Now the media is gushing over Romney the Statesman. 

Governor Wolf’s budget:  Wolf proposed a $36 billion budget. There would be no major major tax increases. Wolf proposes to boost funding for public education, expand full-day kindergarten to all students, borrow money to address environmental hazards in schools, raise the minimum wage, and make sweeping changes to how charter schools are funded.

Donald Trump took time out of his state of the union address to attack Governor Tom Wolf over Governor Wolf vetoing an unprecedented EITC / Charter school grift last summer.  And you’d never guess where his talking points came from. Straight from the Commonwealth Foundation themselves.

NASA astronaut Christina Koch returned to Earth yesterday, setting a new record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. She spent 328 days on the International Space Station. Her scientific work on the ISS ranged from Koch frequently growing leafy greens to study the effects of microgravity on plant biology to studying how fire behaves in space to studying how kidney health is affected by microgravity and other factors of space travel, such as diet,  water conservation, and recycling. Pretty cool stuff.

Space X is held a Starship career day yesterday to ramp up production of its interplanetary Starship project and speed the race to Mars. According to Elon Musk, the event was mainly “for staffing up 4 production shifts for 24/7 operations, but engineers, supervisors & support personnel are certainly needed too. A super hardcore work ethic, a talent for building things, common sense & trustworthiness are required, the rest we can train.” Musk is also hiring at Tesla and he Tweeted out that you don’t even need a high school diploma. 

While the Space Force made it into Trump’s State of the Union address, Space Force planners are still struggling with what to call the new troops. They have consulted the language department of the Air Force Academy and the Defense Language Institute about possible designations. According to Lt. Gen. David Thompson, who is assigned as the vice commander of the Space Force, they are taking the matter very seriously. The one thing he could tell us at this point is that they have ruled out both “spacemen” and “space cadets.” And everything I just said is actually happening. Like, for real. 

Two new Free Will Brewing releases tomorrow. First, the can with the best freaking label and name, the debut of their brand new collab with the folks  Lost Tavern Brewing, it’s Snowmower – Cream Ale with Vanilla Bean. A super crushable “lawnmower” style ale… for the chillier times! 5.2% ABV⁣.

Then there’s the debut of Eon Blue, Free Will’s brand new Barleywine.⁣ It’s an “English style Barleywine brewed with a base of halcyon pale malt which we patiently boiled for a lengthy 5 hours. As is tradition, this interpretation of the classic English style lets the malt character shine, with less bitter hop character found in many American iterations. The result is a beer filled with notes of vanilla, graham cracker, and nutty toffee.” 9% ABV⁣.

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