Out d’Coup Podcast: 3/8/19

Out d’Coup | HR1 For the People; Dems Fumble with Ilhan Omar; Manafort; Neoliberal Says Give Dem Socialists Their Turn; PA GOP; PA Dems Not Getting It; Space News; Free Will Releases; SNL on Feinstein

What? You haven’t heard of HR1 For the People Act? You know, the first major piece of legislation being put forward by the new Democratic House majority focused on anti-corruption and voting rights? Hmmm. I wonder why? Oh, that’s right, House Democrats decided to devote this week to going after Ilhan Omar for what some claimed to be anti-semitic comments.

But, as both Sam Seder from the Majority Report and Ben Ehrenreich writing in the New Republic argued this week, there is quite a gap between what people are accusing Omar of saying and what she actually said. After sparking internal party chaos, Pelosi and House Democrats decide on a resolution condemning all anti-semitism and hate, not directly censuring Omar. [resolution here]

HR1 voted on today (and passed!), but don’t expect to see much about it in the corporate media.

Paul Manafort doesn’t get 19-24 years in prison as called for in federal sentencing guidelines; he gets a slap on the wrist instead. Judge says Manafort has lived an “otherwise blameless life.”  AOC says the light sentence for Manafort only underscores what most Americans already suspect, that “In our current broken system, ‘justice’ isn’t blind, it’s bought.

Trump seems to be relishing in the idea of discrediting the 2020 elections well before the campaign shifts into high gear.

And Brad DeLong, a Clinton-era neoliberal centrist, says it’s time to turn over the reins of the part to democratic socialists. How about that.

PA GOP turns to Facebook to use the dust-up over Ilhan Omar’s comments to attack Summer Lee.

How far left is too left?  Old white Pennsylvania Democrats are concerned that Trump may win 2020 if the party goes too far to the left.

Russ Diamond wants to end daylight savings as we know it.

In today’s Last Call, Space X Crew Dragon makes is successful on its first test mission. Crew Dragon has two passengers: Ripley and a little plushy Earth. Canada announces its space strategy. That will focus on the Lunar Gateway, AI, and deep-space robotics.  And, China set to build the world’s first solar power station in space.

Free Will set to release the first in its new “brewers series” on Saturday. This week it’s a Cream Ale, highlighting a favorite recipe designed and brewed by Free Will’s own Hannah Gohde.

Also on Saturday Free Will releases Tangerine Micromosa, a Mimosa inspired IPA with tangerines, hopped with Mosaic, Cascade, Centennial, and Ekuanot.


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