Missouri Based Opposition Research Firm Behind Forged Tax Lien Documents in Pat Browne Mailers and TV Ads

Documents handed over by the Department of Revenue toMark Pinsley’s senate campaign shows that Hancock and Prouty, a Missouri based opposition research firm, originally filed a Right to Know request with the Department of Renevue looking for tax liens levied against Pinsley’s DermaMed Solutions.  According to WFMZ, the Department of Revenue says an employee who manually generated the report made a mistake in the document shown on the mailer.   The document that the Pinsley campaign received through the right to know request shows that there were no outstanding liens, but there are still concerns about the document Hancock and Prouty, seeen below, used for Browne’s mailer.

Two of the main issues with the documents in question deal with alterations made to the original document and the lack of validity to the liens from the Department of Revenue.  The first concern about the document that appeared in the GOP’s mailer is who requested the original lien document.  The original document shows that Hancock & Prouty LLC filed the request and an email to the Department of Revenue shows Johnathon Prouty filed a right to know request with the Department of Revenue looking for liens on DermaMed Solutions and Adaco Solutions on September 13, 2018.  Both are companies owned by Pinsley.  The document that appeared in mailers and TV ads indicates that DermaMed Solutions filed the lien requests.  That part of the lien request appears in a different font than the original document provided to Hancock and Prouty.

The second red flag with the document that GOP published shows that the settlement dates on Pinsley’s supposed liens do not match the dates that they were originally issued.  The document on the mailer indicates that Pinsley had unpaid taxes for 2012-2013 and 2014-2015, but the settlement dates were both made on September 17, 2018, four days after Hancock and Prouty originally filed their right to know requests.  The Pinsley campaign cannot determine where their lien numbers came from.

Pinsley recently filed a lawsuit against Pat Browne and the GOP to cease all transmissions of these ads because of their invalidity and a staffer for the Pinsley campaign confirmed that the Browne campaign has pulled these ads from the radio and TV stations.  Thus costing them a ton of money as they tried to move forward with these coordinated attacks on the Pinsley campaign. This story comes two weeks after our reporting that internal polls showing Pat Browne trailing Pinsley by 12 points.  



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