Daryl Metcalfe Makes Fundraising Pitch Because His Opponent “is a Homosexual”

Pennsylvania’s biggest bigot and Chairman of the House State Government Committee, Daryl Metcalfe, is asking donors for help because his opponent, Dan Smith, “has already attracted national attention because he is a homosexual… I need your help as I prepare for the fall fight!

You did not misread that.  That’s exactly how Representative Daryl Metcalfe ended a fundraising letter that he sent out to his supporters.

Chairman Metcalfe came under scrutiny late last year after feverishly proclaiming his heterosexuality when Democratic Co-Chair Matt Bradford glanced his arm while talking in committee.  In 2013, Metcalfe tried to silence openly gay State Representative Brian Sims citing “god’s law” when Sims was speaking about the Defense of Marriage Act on the House Floor.

Then in 2015, Metcalfe invited a white nationalist to speak at a committee hearing that would make English the “official language” of Pennsylvania.  Representative Metcalfe cut off the microphone of former State Representative Leslie Acosta when she began speaking Spanish.  A few days later, Metcalfe the proclaimed on the House Floor that he was the victim of reverse racism by saying “whoever made the assertion he was white was actually the racist.”

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