PA Senator Doesn’t Want Black and Brown People Speaking Out Against Police Brutality

The dumbfuckery in Pennsylvania continues.

Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Ragan announced on Twitter, which is fitting because that’s where the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, MAGA MAGA MAGA bros go for news these days, announced that he will be introducing a resolution “condemning the NFL for the anti-American demonstrations we witnessed this weekend.”

IE, Mike Regan, whose district is roughly 95 percent white, thinks that never is the only time black and brown people in this country should raise awareness to police brutality and police killing unarmed black and brown people in this country.  The complaints about the anthem protests disrespecting the American flag is nothing but a giant fucking dog whistle for white people who don’t want to solve the problems of police brutality in this country.  This resolution is a waste of time and hopefully, never comes up for a vote.


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