Nurse Tells Story of Mother who Died In Order to Feed Her Family Just Feet From Scott Perry

At high noon on this dreary Friday, over two dozen constituents from Congressman Scott Perry’s district showed up to his office and voiced their displeasure over his decision to strip away healthcare from millions of Americans.  The scene was odd to say the least.  Congressman Perry’s office is a small, single house located on Front Street in Wormelysburg, Pennsylvania.  The entrance to the office was located in the backside of the single house leaving the Congressman’s actual office facing the sidewalk and walkway leading up to the house’s front sliding door.

As the demonstration was going on, the angry constituents were able to actually see their Congressman through the sliding glass doors as they were hurling their chants and stories in his direction.  The Congressman was meeting with members from the local Indivisible movement.  One onlooker, a working disabled nurse, shared a heart breaking story of a mother who died of stroke because that mother was left with the options of feeding her family or taking her blood pressure medicine.

Here is the full video

And here is a rush transcript:

As an insurance appeal review nurse for commercial insurances.  The most greediest corporate hierarchy in the nation.  I have worked for medicaid for the state of Pennsylvania and I have worked for medicare as a subcontractor.  I know insurance inside and out.  I am now a beneficiary of health care insurance.  I am disabled and part of the working disabled.  I’m here to tell you what they did yesterday was a crime against humanity.  I have worked in a federally funded healthcare center for people who had no insurance.  The marginalized, the disenfranchised came and had to make a choice.  “Do I feed kids today or do I take my blood pressure medicine.”

Well you know.  They chose to feed their children.  And I can remember one lady in particular.  She died of a stroke  weeks later because she couldn’t get her blood pressure medicine.  She didn’t have the money.  She fed her kids first.  That’s what they did in Washington DC yesterday was in deed a crime against humanity, and in the words of Nancy Pelosi they “will glow in the dark for this.”  They will glow in the dark.  We need to be talking to the Senators now. We need to let them know that this cannot stand.  We will not let this stand.  They are attacking the least among us, and we who have the ability to do so need to fight with every breath in our bodies.         



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