I’m Scared For Our Country – The Path We’re Taking Is Dark

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I’m scared for our country. I’m scared for our children. I’m plain scared.

White Nationalism

As seen in our latest reporting, White Nationalist/Alt-Right groups are feeling emboldened by Trump to start “recruiting” on college campuses across the country.
This really freaks me out. The fact that whites feel that they face inequality so great to expound such hatred toward minorities is beyond comprehension. This country, built on the premise of immigration and inclusion, can’t tolerate racism and discrimination.
I’m scared because of what my ancestors went through. The Holocaust didn’t only target the Jews, but it did wipe out six million of them. Our “president” seemed to causally forget to mention this on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Deliberate or otherwise, it’s beyond me why he would do such a thing.
Now the Alt-Right has a chair at the table with the “president.” His name is Steve Bannon. This isn’t good. This is beyond scary.

Our Children vs. Betsy DeVos

Republicans have fallen in line with their party. They’ve proven they don’t have a backbone and/or don’t care about the future of our children and our country. They, the Republican majority, confirmed Betsy DeVos on Tuesday (Feb. 7) to become the Secretary of Education.
DeVos, who hasn’t tried to hide her disdain for public education, wants to privatize our schools. Forcing down our throats religious and often sub-par for-profit charter schools.
Many representatives, I’m looking at you Pat Toomey, simply turned off their phones when their constituents tried to call and voice their opposition to the confirmation of DeVos.
Toomey has admitted that he did this. He claims that it was because so many people who were not his constituents were calling in. Regardless, this should have told him something. People care about the issue and he should listen to what THE PEOPLE are saying.

So We’re Stuck?

Yes, in a way, we are, but we don’t have to take this sitting down. We need to mobilize and fight the Trump agenda at every turn. We need to stay on our representatives to do their jobs… REPRESENTING US. We need to go out and vote in 2018 and vote the politicians who didn’t listen to us and didn’t take our calls.
Their actions will define their future.
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