Retooling For Trump World

There is no doubt that the results of this past week’s elections results were a gut punch to the broad left in the U.S. – and around the world. Just like everyone else, I have taken a few days to grieve and then the think about where Raging Chicken Press should go from here. I had planned that the first email I sent after the election would be announce some new projects we have been planning. But, frankly, those projects assumed a Hillary Clinton presidency. Those plans are dead.

Now we have a much more serious task in front of us. As I see it now, we have to be in fight back mode. And, we cannot waste a day. The left cannot do what we did when Obama got elected in 2008 – that is, essentially put politics aside and go back to our lives. No. As tens of thousands of people are already doing in the streets across the U.S., we need to organize and prepare for a fight back. That’s what we plan on doing.

I’ll tell you right off the bat that I am probably going to become a bit of a pain-in-the-ass for some of you. I am going to be asking you to become a member of Raging Chicken Press with some urgency. No, you will not get a tax-deduction.I am asking you to become a member¬†so that we can carry our a much more directed and purposeful course of action.

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We need you to become a member so that we can do the following:

  • Paying our writers. This has been a goal for Raging Chicken since we launched in 2011. We’ve been able to raise some money, but most of that has been eaten up by the costs of web hosting and security updates. But thanks to some new members and new funds that I am diverting away from one of my other projects, we need to start paying our writers now. Beginning immediately, we will be paying 4-5 “Contributing Writers” at least $50/month in exchange for at least one significant article that will appear in Raging Chicken first. I will be posting more details about how you can become a contributing writer over the next few days.
  • Raging Chicken Press is deepening our partnership with the Rick Smith Show¬†through a new media project that will significantly broaden our reach. I hope to be able to share details in the coming days. Raging Chicken Press will materially contribute to this project * We will also retain a tech consultant to handle some of the behind-the-scenes tech issues we have encountered. As you may recall, Raging Chicken Press was the target of a DDoS (denial of service) attack after Sean Kitchen posted an article about Trump and Yuengling’s president, Dick Yuengling. We can’t afford to be shut down for days every time we write something critical of Donald Trump, Republicans, or corporate Democrats.
  • We will be asking you and many others to become part of our “social media storm” through sharing our content every time it’s published.
  • We will support and promote investigative journalism that will expose the ties between big money, hate groups, and politicians. We will not discriminate between Republicans and Democrats on this score. We believe there needs to be a fundamental shift in the Democratic party asap.

That’s where we are beginning. We are taking a leap of faith here. I, personally, and taking a financial leap of faith as well. It could not be more clear that our current media have failed us miserably. But it’s not enough to hate the media. We have to become the media for a broad left fight back. And I am asking you for help now.

Support Raging Chicken

If you are anything like me, this past week has been devastating. And yet, by Thursday most of my conversations with activist have focused on “what can we do?” If we are serious about preventing the worst of a Trump presidency, we are going to need our own media – places that pull no punches, tell our stories, and hold people accountable. We need that on a national level. And we need that right here in Pennsylvania.

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