Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Hopeful Wants to “Make Pennsylvania Great Again.”

Gubernatorial hopeful Republican State Senator Scott Wagner waited exactly until 3:19 Wednesday afternoon to send an email congratulating his supporters on Donald Trump’s victory, and proclaiming that he will “Make Pennsylvania Great Again.”  Pennsylvania Republicans picked up three senate seats and a veto proof 34-16 majority, and to make things worse, Wagner was in-charge of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

The Senator says that Trump won Pennsylvania because “working class [white] men and women came out in record numbers to vote for Donald Trump,” and:

They’re tired and fed up with getting the same old excuses out of our elected officials and bureaucrats in Washington.

Our roads and bridges are crumbling; Obamacare is strangling the middle class; our economy is stagnant; and most importantly, taxpayers are tired of being overlooked and underappreciated.

Donald Trump’s victory is a huge win for taxpayers – your message and this Movement were heard loud and clear.

I’m optimistic that Donald Trump will surround himself with professionals who are experts in their fields and can help him be successful.

He goes on to recap the the Senate victories and then goes on to state how he is happy that his friend John Disanto, another unhinged millionaire, will join him in the country club on the hill Senate.  Wagner ends his email saying that he looks “forward to working with our newest Senators to Make Pennsylvania Great Again.”


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