Photographs of Philadelphia Police Officer Sporting Neo-Nazi Tattoo Goes Viral

Last night, images of Philadelphia Police Officer Ian Hans Lichtermann went viral because of the neo-nazi tattoo on his forearm.  The tattoo is that of the partieadler eagle, which is symbol Nazi Germany used, with “Fatherland” written above it.

The original post, which is seen below, has been shared over 800 times.

And on twitter, it has gotten the attention of Talib Kweli

The Philadelphia Police Department and Mayor Jim Kenney’s office have been contacted, but they did not make any statements at this time.  They both stated that they are aware of the photographs and tweets made on the subject and are looking into the issue.

In 2010, Lichterman was outed as a member of Blood and Honour after a series of hacks released the identites of neo-nazi and skinhead members around the country.  The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Blood and Hounor as a racist skinhead group that emerged out of England.  After Lichterman was outed in 2010, he served time in the Middle East working for a private security firm, but was spotted at a Black Lives Matter protest outside of the Democratic National Convention.

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