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In this ever connected world that we live in, it’s important that we take our security seriously. I’d like to think that, in general, humanity is good. Though we can’t ignore that there are bad actors out there, both personal, local, national, and international.

I’m lucky that I’m rather tech savvy and I have a community that can help me fill in the blanks when I need it to stay more secure. Many people aren’t as fortunate. With that in mind I’ve curated a bundle to help people stay secure.

The impetus for this is personal. Some of my very good friends are victims of being targets of bad actors. So while hoping to help them secure their lives, I realized that this bundle could help a larger population of those in need.

The curated bundle is called the Encryptr Drive. It’s 555 mb so it will fit on most Thumb drives larger than 1 gb. I would suggest a 4gb be the smallest though (the drives are crazy cheap).

So What’s In It?

 In the Encryptr Drive is open source, free, software that can run on most Windows-based machines without installing or leaving a trace on the actual computer. It’s great for those who use public computers or want to keep their data, docs, info safe.

The software, once unzipped on a flash drive, is already to run.

The software included is:

  • – EraserPortable (This will help you securely delete files)
  • – GPG (For encrypting emails, etc.)
  • – Keepass (The best open source password manager out there)
  • – LibreOfficePortable (Think MS Office, but free and portable)
  • – PeaZipPortable (An unzipping program)
  • – PuTTyPortable (For the more geeky set, SSH)
  • – Safepad (Encrypted notepad)
  • – SpybotPortable (Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware/Security Software)
  • – Telegram (Encrypted instant messenger, like WhatsApp)
  • – Thunderbird Portable (Email Client)
  • – Tor Browser (Helps you surf the web anonymously)
  • – VeraCrypt (Encrypts files)

This is version 1. It could be called a Beta. The plan is to update the bundle from time to time.

How do I get it?

Check out the Encryptr project HERE.  You will see a link to download the zip file or you can download it directly HERE.

How Much?

Absolutely FREE. This is my way of making a difference.

Questions? Comments? Need Help Setting It up?

Drop me an email: smg [AT] encryptr [DOT] net (Pw: Pr0t3ctr)

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Seth is a independent journalist based in Bucks County, PA. He has written for newspapers across the state. He is the founder and executive director of The Encryptr Project, an organization that aims to help those who are being stalked online encrypt and protect themselves online. In addition, he is the founder of Progressives for Positive Change.

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