ICYMI: Introducing #BirdieSanders

Image credit: Screen shot, CNN.

Last night the Internet exploded after a little bird made a personal visit to Bernie Sanders’s podium in the middle of an 11,000 strong rally in Portland, Oregon. Memes with the hashtag #BirdieSanders began filling up Twitter and Facebook feeds even while Sanders continued to speak.

The joyful bird moment comes just hours before voters in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii head to their state’s Democratic caucuses. Sanders is expected to sweep Saturday’s caucuses following his wins in Idaho and Utah this past week as part of “Western Tuesday.” Clinton took the Arizona primary on Tuesday, but the Sanders campaign has been clearly energized moving into this weekend’s contests. His new feathered friend seems to only further bolstered his campaign’s energy.

In case you missed it…you know, if your power was out…or you swore off social media for Holy Week…or…whatever, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Birdie Sanders

The bird that's taking over the internet. Remember: A vote for Bernie is a vote for #BirdieSanders. Come out and caucus tomorrow in AK, HI & WA. Vote.BernieSanders.com

Posted by Bernie Sanders on Friday, March 25, 2016


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