Mother Brings Capitol Rotunda to Tears Over Heartbreaking Medical Marijuana Story

It was an emotional day in the Capitol Rotunda.  Sobbing can be heard and tears were flowing from the faces of onlookers and medical marijuana advocates as parents of children with Dravet’s Syndrome and cancer patients were sharing their medical needs and experiences with the drug.

Last week, it was reported that House Speaker Mike Turzai was brought to tears in a closed door caucus meeting where Majority Leader David Reed forced the issue upon the Speaker.  Turzai, and his hysteria over reefer madness, fled meeting to the dismay of his party.  Shortly after the caucus meeting, the House Rules Committee sent Senate Bill 3 to the House Floor by a 25 – 8 vote and it was placed on the table for a vote.

One amendment in particular comes from House Representative Todd Stephens – who is currently running for Attorney General.  His amendment would change the terms of who can seek treatment for PTSD.  Under the current bill, anyone suffering from PTSD – whether it’s women who were in an abusive relationship or who were raped or assaulted or anyone who had a life altering event – would be able to use medical marijuana to combat those symptoms, but Stephens’ amendment would only allow soldiers suffering from PTSD to get treatment for that disease.

At today’s Campaign for Compassion press conference, Becky Witters brought the gallery to tears as she explained the tragic death of her 20 month old daughter Grace Witters.  At four months old, Grace was diagnosed with Dravets Syndrome, a disease that causes severe seizures.  Becky Witters told the crowd that her family was waiting for the Pennsylvania General Assembly to pass a medical marijuana bill, but she told the crowd that her daughter “died waiting for the act to be passed” on November 11, 2015.

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2 Comments on Mother Brings Capitol Rotunda to Tears Over Heartbreaking Medical Marijuana Story

  1. The worst part of all this is that we are hostage to the 8% opposed.

    Our legislation is finally on the House Floor. It will pass there once it is given a vote, after years and years and years of political maneuvering. Our Governor has said he will sign it. Every committee and senate vote it has gotten has been at least 76% in favor. But…

    The day after it hit the Floor, over 90 amendments were introduced. The next day it was tabled, or removed from the Floor pending resolution, or pending God only knows what. This is typical of the thousands of pieces of legislation introduced each session. Most die in session because of this quagmire.

    PA citizens do not have the right to bypass their electeds with referendum by petitioning the ballot, as most states’ citizens do. We are hostage to whatever political acrobatics may be introduced, and to however long it takes.

    Latest Quinnipiac poll showed 92% of PA citizens in favor of medical marijuana.

    Shame on you, PA General Assembly.

  2. “anti-convulsive remedy of the greatest value” –How much more suffering and death will it take to convince you clueless “authorities”?

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