The worst part of all this is that we are hostage to the 8% opposed.

Our legislation is finally on the House Floor. It will pass there once it is given a vote, after years and years and years of political maneuvering. Our Governor has said he will sign it. Every committee and senate vote it has gotten has been at least 76% in favor. But…

The day after it hit the Floor, over 90 amendments were introduced. The next day it was tabled, or removed from the Floor pending resolution, or pending God only knows what. This is typical of the thousands of pieces of legislation introduced each session. Most die in session because of this quagmire.

PA citizens do not have the right to bypass their electeds with referendum by petitioning the ballot, as most states’ citizens do. We are hostage to whatever political acrobatics may be introduced, and to however long it takes.

Latest Quinnipiac poll showed 92% of PA citizens in favor of medical marijuana.

Shame on you, PA General Assembly.