#NAAW | Temple University Adjuncts Take to the Streets Demanding Admin to Stop Union-Busting and Let Adjuncts Vote for Unionization

Photo: United Academics of Philadelphia (UAP)

Today is the first day of National Adjunct Action Week and Temple University adjuncts started the week off with a march outside the university’s provost office. Last December, Temple University adjuncts filed for authorization with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board clearing the way for an official union vote on campus this spring semester. Or so they thought.

Turns out, Temple University’s provostĀ Hai-Lung Dai seems to have decided that adjuncts don’t need a union. He knows better what those 1,300 adjunct faculty need it would seem.

Funny thing about being patronizing to people in the middle of a unionization drive. They tend not to take things lying down. And they didn’t. Here’s a little window into today’s Temple Adjunct March:


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