“Gasland” Director Josh Fox, Regional Experts to Join Hundreds for Anti-Fracking Rally at Wolf Inauguration

MEDIA ADVISORY FOR TUES. JANUARY 20 from Delaware Riverkeeper Network

WHAT: The new statewide coalition Pennsylvanians Against Fracking will be joined by leading advocates and experts, including Gasland Director Josh Fox, for a press conference at Harrisburg’s Grace United Methodist Church. The press conference precedes the coalition’s march and rally at Wolf’s inauguration ceremony, with hundreds of Pennsylvanians from around the state gathering to pressure Governor Tom Wolf to halt new fracking. Attendees will march from the press conference site at Grace United Methodist Church to Soldiers’ Grove, just outside the inauguration site.

These public health and environmental experts, backed by hundreds of concerned Pa. residents, will be demanding that Gov. Wolf fulfill his promise to protect the environment and call on him to the address the widespread public health effects of fracking throughout the state by stopping fracking.

WHEN: 10am, Tuesday January 20, 2015


WHERE: Grace United Methodist Church, 216 State Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101



Pennsylvanians Against Fracking is a statewide coalition of groups representing a diversity of issues, backgrounds, and locations, united in the mission of achieving a ban on fracking in the Commonwealth


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1 Comment on “Gasland” Director Josh Fox, Regional Experts to Join Hundreds for Anti-Fracking Rally at Wolf Inauguration

  1. It is “unfortunate” that Governor Elect Tom Wolfe has not seen the light that Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York state has and has banned fracking. Tom Wolfe thinks that he can “have his cake and eat it too.” Perhaps it is the $273,000 in campaign contributions from the gas industry that has influenced this decision making. Well if that is the case, he will not be living up to the oath of office that he will be taking on the 20th. Article 1, Section 27 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of PA states very clearly that the elected officials of the government are supposed to preserve and protect the environment for present and future citizens of the state. It is “unfortunate” that he has also not abided by the resolution of the PA Democratic Committee passed on June 13, 2013, passed by a vote of 115 to 87, calling for a moratorium on fracking until it can be proven safe. So it is up to us to make Tom Wolfe feel the heat until he can see the light. Good luck with trying to pass a 5% extraction tax from a Tea Party dominated, anti-tax, anti-regulatory and anti-government legislature.

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