Pittsburgh Tribune Takes Aim at Tom Wolf’s Big Bad Campaign Donors, The. Public. Sector. Unions

In today’s Pittsburgh Tribune, former Commonwealth Foundation / Pennsylvania Independent  journalist Melissa Daniels wrote this about Tom Wolf negotiating with his big bad campaign donors.  The. Public. Sector. Unions.

Cue the drums…

When Gov.-elect Tom Wolf negotiates Pennsylvania’s largest public sector union contracts in 2015, his administration will sit across the table from some of his largest campaign supporters.

The national chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees gave Wolf’s campaign $500,000, as did the political arm of Pennsylvania’s Service Employees International Union. The state’s AFSCME Council 13 donated $54,000. AFSCME and SEIU contracts for state employees will expire June 30.

The Commonwealth Foundation, a free-market think tank based in Harrisburg, said donations of $5,000 or more from unions to Wolf’s campaign total more than $2.7 million, citing figures from Public Source. Nathan Benefield, vice president of policy analysis of the Commonwealth Foundation, said donations don’t mean there’s a “quid pro quo,” but four of the top 10 donors to Wolf’s campaign were unions.

“He will be negotiating with the same people that gave his campaign a lot of money,” he said. “Those have significant cost implications going forward that can tie the hands in terms of spending, in terms of a large number of employees.”

 Can ya hear Nathan Banfield, the Commonwealth Foundation’s Vice President, crying?  He’s one of a few people from the Commonwealth Foundation pushing for union busting Right to Work and Paycheck Deception laws in Pennsylvania, and Melissa Daniels is giving her former employer front and center when it comes to bitching and moaning about public sector unions getting fairer contracts for working class people.

It’s kinda like Tom Corbett giving billions – WITH A B – in tax breaks to those natural gas companies and the public not benefitting for those tax breaks, but I didn’t hear Nathan Banfield or anyone else at the PA Indy crying foul about that over the past 4 years.

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1 Comment on Pittsburgh Tribune Takes Aim at Tom Wolf’s Big Bad Campaign Donors, The. Public. Sector. Unions

  1. And the fact that they know exactly how much each public sector union donated belies the major rationale for the Paycheck Deception Act (or whatever Orwellian name they’ll give it in the next session). The whole “argument” [sic] for the bill is that nobody can track where union campaign contributions are coming from or going to.

    Uh, you just did. See? That was easy!

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