I love this article, it’s extremely true. As a fellow Mansfieldian, I understand the woes this university has wrought upon its students.

However, I did receive two emails within the last week stating the business and education programs were taken out of moratorium. Though, the fact that there were ANY programs in moratorium is absurd, and I am still disgusted with the university nonetheless.

With that said, Mansfield University seems to be handing out these “get out of moratorium free” cards as an ass-backwards apology. I will personally NOT accept it. I will never trust this university again, and I am embarrassed to go to such an institution that refuses to service and represent its students, faculty, and staff. The fifth floor executives are only working for themselves.

And about the “we totally didn’t know about this legal PASSHE obligation”, they definitely did. They’re just covering it up. STILL.