#PABudget: Governor Corbett’s Lack of Communication is Why Pension Reform is Dying

At today’s press conference, Governor Tom Corbett blamed pension reform failure on public sector unions and republicans who have aligned themselves with the public sector unions, but Governor Corbett’s pension reform failures goes back to last year’s budget address when the governor first announced his pension reform plan.

While I was an intern in Harrisburg, I had the opportunity to meet with a lot of legislators from both parties, and when the subject of pension reform came up, Governor Tom Corbett neglected to tell his caucus about his pension reform plan until the day after his press conference.  When the governor announced his controversial pension reform plan and failed to tell his caucus, Republican House and Senate members were blindsided with lots of phone calls from reporters asking if they supported his idea.  Naturally, many rank and file members did not know what to make of it, and it was Governor Corbett’s lack of communication that stopped the pension reform plan in its tracks.

If the Governor had communicated to the House and Senate majorities, pension reform could have been completed in a non-election year.  Now Governor Corbett is holding the Philadelphia School District hostage and is begging the majority party – his party – to vote on something that could potentially end their political careers.

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4 Comments on #PABudget: Governor Corbett’s Lack of Communication is Why Pension Reform is Dying

    • Yeah, he’s crappy at playing politics and is now a) asking his own caucus members to fall on their swords and b) blaming it on the dems when his party runs the house and senate.

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