Greetings anonymous poster.

Thank you for your comments. However, you are entirely mistaken on Glover’s position with respect to healthcare:

Just for example:

I have followed your discussion with Jay Sweeney (, and after the primary I will be posting more about my own position on all of these issues.

The notion, however, that I am “radically predisposed” to one issue is flatly false. In fact, my commitment to a ban on fracking derives precisely from my position on issues such as healthcare, education, militarism, women’s reproductive rights, etc. Here are just a few examples:

Lastly, the reference to me as “young lady” is a bit much, don’t you think? That I have not sought to dominate the gubernatorial ticket by seeking a great deal of public exposure is simply because the main candidate on this ticket is GLOVER. To infer from that that I’ve little to say–well, “young fella/gal,” that would be rather folly.

Wendy Lynne Lee