Brendan Boyle Complains about “Millionaires” in #PA13, but $upporter is One as Well

At last night’s Pennsylvania 13th Democratic debate, the moderator brought up the issue of wealth in response to Brendan Boyle demanding that Daylin Leach, Val Arkoosh and Marjorie Margolies release their tax returns, and all three candidates pointed that this was a sign of desperation on Brendan Boyle’s part to change the dialogue on his anti-choice views.

On the subject, Val Arkoosh said:

 I think it’s been very interesting that Representative Boyle has raised an issue with three weeks to go in this campaign, especially as his record on women’s health has come under scrutiny.  He’s taking information that’s been publicly available for over a year and trying to manufacture an issue that I think is really just an attempt to distract voters on how out of touch Representative Boyle is from the women in his district and for the men.  The majority of who believes that their wives, and mothers, and sisters, and daughters have the same right as they do to make their own personal healthcare decisions.

Daylin Leach said:

First, I agree with Val.  What Brendan is trying to do is distract from a record which he gets very angry when you bring up.  His record of being anti-choice for his entire career.  Receiving awards from anti-choice groups.  Voting to close women’s clinics and health care facilities over and over again.  And now like Mitt Romney, he suddenly thought anew that he is running in a different district he is going to change his position.

And in her opening statements, Margolies addressed being a millionaire and who is supporting Boyle’s campaign.

With respect to Brendan, I also disagree with his view that there is something inherently wrong with being a millionaire.  Some of his greatest supporters are labor leaders who have become millionaires and they are the most passionate advocates of working families.

So, who is one of Boyle’s biggest supporter that Margolies speaks of?  Can it be this guy?

  • Dougherty received upward of $300,000 in free renovations to his South Philadelphia home, including $115,000 from a contractor who pleaded guilty to 99 criminal charges, including doing free work for Dougherty.
  • Dougherty filed false income tax returns and “significantly” underreported his income.
  • Dougherty made “significant” withdrawals from election fund monies without documentation.
  • Dougherty purchased a Wildwood condominium at far below fair market value, resulting in an illegal gift

Something about throwing stones in a glass house…


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1 Comment on Brendan Boyle Complains about “Millionaires” in #PA13, but $upporter is One as Well

  1. Boyle is precisely the perfect poster boy for what damages the image of the Democratic Party! Anti-choice, pro-privatization of public schools, and an empty suit. Hey, Brendon, join the Republican Party and be done with it………

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