Maybe the young teachers in the photo should be trying to close down this failing charter school and return it to a totally public system. Charter schools are a rip-off of taxpayers. 100% of cybers are in failure mode, and 71% of charters are failing AYP at a cost to PA taxpayers of nearly $1 Billion—the same amount that needs to be raised to restore Corbett’s cuts. Apparently some unions are more interested in organizing and finding new dues paying members than they are in fighting against the real enemy–charter schools. I suppose this union would organize a brothel if they thought they could make a few bucks.
Note the age of the teachers—all young. Pretty typical of a charter school. Charter teachers will never retire working for a racket like a charter. Wages and benefits do stink. They will last a few years and more young replacements will take their place. (What percentage of the “teachers” are actually certified teachers)? Getting a union is not the battle they need to wage. Getting the district and the Commonwealth to stop supporting the privatization of public schools via the tool of charters is the cause worth fighting for. In all this, the children are collateral damage and the impoverished neighborhoods in which most charters are found are duped into thinking their kids are going to be able to go to “Harvard”. Instead of this gimmick, these citizens deserve fully funded PUBLIC schools, not for-profit charter schools funded by public money drained from the local neighborhood public school. Eventually these citizens will recognize the scam for what it is and they won’t be very happy campers.