This is sad. Back in 1980, when I was applying to graduate school, I attended a workshop put on by ASPIRA and their counselors helped me secure financial aid for my graduate education. I have referred many clients and families to ASPIRA for education, career and financial aid support. Why is it when you become in charge of an operation where you hirer employees, you forget about treating other humans with respect and dignity? Small schools, small classrooms, family and community involvement make sense in turning education outcomes around. Union busting and putting teachers and their unions down is not part of the solution. Syphoning off public education tax money to support for profit charter schools and vouchers for private and religious school education is not the way to improve educational outcomes. It is the path to destroy public education, not improve it. You can have excellence in public education without spending money. Competition does not improve outcomes, neither is testing students to death. Assessment to measure progress, and then adjusting methods of delivery are part of the solution. Outsourcing is not going to improve public education, it is just a way to undermine and eliminate public education. An educated populous is not what the 1 % want.