#PA13: Val Arkoosh Hits Brendan Boyle on Forced Birther Record

Some keyboard champs supporters of Brendan Boyle think that using harsh rhetoric about their horse in the PA 13 Democratic Primary is equivocal to the rhetoric coming from the Tea Party, but one thing Forced Birther Brendan Boyle has in common with the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party is his support for anti-choice TRAP laws, which have closed women’s health clinics around the Commonwealth.

Colleen Kennedy from Keystone Politics has covered this issue and has written:

The legislation was proposed in the wake of the release of the Gosnell grand jury report, which details the horrific environment women endured just to terminate their pregnancy. Typical of any legislation coming out of Harrisburg, it lacks any connection to the real root causes that caused this monstrous nightmare for dozens of women in West Philadelphia.

Legislators did not study the issue; instead, they reacted and hoped that their actions would be politically popular with voters witnessing the grand jury report on the national 24/7 news cycle. Their shortsightedness has resulted in five closed clinics, and as Rachel Maddow reports, a woman may now face fifteen years prison time thanks to these closings.

It was only a matter of time for one of the Democratic candidates to call Boyle out on his Forced Birther vote, and that candidate was Val Arkoosh.


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4 Comments on #PA13: Val Arkoosh Hits Brendan Boyle on Forced Birther Record

  1. Nice job of calling them keyboard commandos. That’s what they are. They can’t admit to themselves that Boyle is a woman-hater. What, exactly, did he think a bill written by a right-wing dominated legislature would do?

  2. Boyle should find another occupation or consider switching parties. He’d fit right in with the Republicans.
    I’m for Daylin Leach, who i think is going to win this race, but it is great that Val exposed Boyle for the jerk he is. Way to go!

  3. Brendan Boyle is about one thing: Brendan Boyle. He is a political whore who will do whatever he can to get elected and stay elected. Nothing else matters. This article should should keep John the Keyboard Champ and Boyle apologist busy. If you do weigh in John, could you tell us your relationship to Brendan Boyle?

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