#PA13: Is Margolies the “Front-Runner?” The Philadelphia Inquirer Wants You to Think So…

When covering Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional Democratic primary, the Philadelphia Inquirer has been spewing less than stellar journalism by giving Marjorie Margolies “frontrunner status.”  In a race that has very very very very very very very very very very very limited polling, the Philadelphia Inquirer has claimed, on two separate occasions in four days, that Marjorie Margolies is the presumed frontrunner, and it’s getting to the point where I’d like to know where that data is coming from.

The only publicly available poll for this race was conducted and released by (ho-hum) the Marjorie Margolies campaign in August 2013.  At the time, Keegan Gibson from Politics PA wrote:

A poll commissioned by Marjorie Margolies shows the former Congresswoman with a wide lead in the Democratic primary to replace Rep. Allyson Schwartz.

Margolies takes 43%, followed by state Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Phila) at 15%, state Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montco) at 7% and physician Valerie Arkoosh at 2%. 31% were undecided.

Key words here are “commissioned by Marjorie Margolies,” but this hasn’t stopped the Philadelphia Inquirer from publishing this:

It turns out a visit from Bill Clinton isn’t the only thing Marjorie Margolies needs to complete her political comeback. More money would help, too – a lot more.

Campaign finance reports released this week show that Margolies, widely viewed as the front-runner to reclaim the congressional seat she lost two decades ago, was limping into the final stretch.

and this:

Margolies has been viewed as the front-runner, with strong name recognition and loyal support from Bill and Hillary Clinton. She has struggled, however, to match two of her opponents, Leach and Valerie Arkoosh, in fund-raising.

and this:

Margolies, one of four Democratic candidates to replace Rep. Allyson Y. Schwartz for the Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia seat, has retained front-runner status despite being behind in fund-raising through 2013 and declining to appear at several public debates.

and this:

At the same time, she’s enduring the scrutiny that comes with being a front-runner – and the mother-in-law of Chelsea Clinton.

and this:

The Democratic candidates in the 13th Congressional District went head to head Monday night, with front-runner Marjorie Margolies rankling her opponents and at one point drawing scoffs from the audience.

Margolies may have the name recognition from her service TWENTY YEARS AGO, but I guess if you keep repeating lies numbers from an internal poll, sooner or later it’ll be truth.

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