I doubt the LVV is sent regularly to state legislators, but it doesn’t matter. Legislators do, of course, know how adjuncts are on the rise. They are part of the problem – they are the ones who keep voting to defund public education, eviscerating budgets for instructional staff, and approving administrators with little to no higher ed experience. In their eyes, their universities are getting PhD-level teachers for a fraction of their actual value. The fact that these adjuncts are struggling to make ends meet or that the quality of the classes are taking a nosedive – they simply DON’T care.

But people still want to become college professors because they are sold a myth. The students who go to graduate school by and large attend more elite colleges and universities where they are mostly taught by TT faculty and are pretty unaware of what an adjunct is, or how they are different, even if they are taught by a few. So the image they see of a college professor is their advisor, who has an office filled with books and a view of the pretty campus quad with light streaming in through the window, who gets to teach two or three classes a semester and engage with other smart people like the student themselves, and who gets to read and write about whatever they want every day. They think that’s what most professors do, and so of course they also want to do that.